Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I'll sum up tonight's activities with a couple of words in lolspeak. Wii ken haz teh awesomnessz. Basically: we pwn. We dropped Archavon like he was hot, and followed suit by going to obsidian sanctum and ruining it. We one shotted all the drakes. We sloppily pulled all most of the trash and handled it, and after a quick trial run took down Sartharian with very little problems. The group looks poised to progress. Grats to lootgetters, especially Derion who snagged his T7 gloves. All in all was a very satisfying wednesday night. Naxx to come on saturday, and perhaps nextweek we'll give it a shot with a drake up.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Anub'Rekhan DEAD!!!!!

Raid Bosses Down!

Well, all the people who didn't to come with us when I told them we might not get that far can suck it. We destroyed two bosses, especially Grand Widow Faerlina who took us all of two tries to beat. Unfortunately that giant spider lady hits a little harder than we can take, even the almighty Darthkirby (and even with the encounter bugging to be easier for us). We made some friends, we got some loots, and we got back into the raiding mentality. Now the only thing thats different from Burning Crusade is Annian doesn't always do 50% of the raids damage every fight. Its only a matter of time tho...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Anub'Rekhan video

This is the link to the video for anub'rehkan. Check it out

Naxx Take One

Well we entered Naxx10 for the first time last night. Lets just say it was a learning process. First we went to the wrong boss (Patchwerk who happens to be the gear check for the second half of the raid). We got killed a few times by blobs that reminded me of the ghosts from pac man on the way to him, and then Patchwerk quickly rewarded us for our efforts by destroying both tanks (and then everyone else). After a quick regroup we headed to the spider section and the correct boss. Only hickup here is darth is bad at pulling so 2 groups at once caused us to wipe one more time. For good measure we wiped on the boss until people had to go. A couple times Darth died during the kite phase, and once I died because of the debuff of the add. Lots of people are complaining that TwentyFifthNovember ran through this content, but we certainly are not them, and I think most guilds, like us will find it plenty challenging.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Burning Crusade

Just like the normal crusades, they all must end. But thats alright, naxx is gunna pwn so hard. do you remember that time when all those things happened? man that was awesome


In what was possibly the guilds last burning crusade raid, RO cleared ZA in a very efficient manner making 3/4 timers. We only missed the last one by a few seconds because some people could not jump through windows. Vord picked up most of the gear which will be useless in about a month but oh well, the run was still satisfying. As usual, Annian topped damage meters.