Friday, December 5, 2008

Naxx Take One

Well we entered Naxx10 for the first time last night. Lets just say it was a learning process. First we went to the wrong boss (Patchwerk who happens to be the gear check for the second half of the raid). We got killed a few times by blobs that reminded me of the ghosts from pac man on the way to him, and then Patchwerk quickly rewarded us for our efforts by destroying both tanks (and then everyone else). After a quick regroup we headed to the spider section and the correct boss. Only hickup here is darth is bad at pulling so 2 groups at once caused us to wipe one more time. For good measure we wiped on the boss until people had to go. A couple times Darth died during the kite phase, and once I died because of the debuff of the add. Lots of people are complaining that TwentyFifthNovember ran through this content, but we certainly are not them, and I think most guilds, like us will find it plenty challenging.

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Reghar said...

Yeah no kidding. This instance is def tuned for players in blues and partial epix NOT full blown legendary weapons and Sunwell gear. Reading what 25th had to say about this just shows how ignorant they really are about this game they know so well.

/rant off

I remain optimistic as always.