Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I'll sum up tonight's activities with a couple of words in lolspeak. Wii ken haz teh awesomnessz. Basically: we pwn. We dropped Archavon like he was hot, and followed suit by going to obsidian sanctum and ruining it. We one shotted all the drakes. We sloppily pulled all most of the trash and handled it, and after a quick trial run took down Sartharian with very little problems. The group looks poised to progress. Grats to lootgetters, especially Derion who snagged his T7 gloves. All in all was a very satisfying wednesday night. Naxx to come on saturday, and perhaps nextweek we'll give it a shot with a drake up.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is--Y. E. S. YES!

I cannot believe the ungodly amounts of manna that must be raining down upon your conquering self IRL. The swords of golgomath and the dungeons of the lord of the kings of gilgomorth will never be safe from your unbending will to dominate.


Reghar said...


I for one vote to leave up a drake. That fight was fun but I believe it could be made more fun if it has more drake action. I also feel that Derion has been getting a lot of loot lately and should be excluded from future loots in our upcoming raid. He actually told me this himself. He feels really, really bad about his huge assortment of epix. I'm srs.